Welcome to Sydney Vascular Ultrasound

We are a specialised vascular ultrasound service providing diagnostic imaging relating to venous and vascular conditions.  

The Sydney Vascular Ultrasound sonographers have undergone additional training relating to arteries and veins and work in close collaboration with Dr Anthony Freeman, a specialist vascular and endovascular surgeon.

What is an Ultrasound?

An ultrasound (Duplex) is a special scanning method using high frequency sound waves to visualise the internal structures of the body including your blood vessels (arteries and veins). It can show the blood flow through the vessels (Dopler) and is used to diagnose conditions affecting your arterial system such as aneurysms, blocked arteries, veins and blood clots.

Ultrasound is non-invasive and pain free and there are no tubes or needles inserted into the body. As it doesn’t require potentially harmful dye or radiation, ultrasound has no known side-effects.

Who should perform my ultrasound?

An ultrasound is very operator-dependent and relies on the experience and knowledge of the sonographer performing the scan together with the Vascular Specialist interpreting the results. Sydney Vascular Ultrasound sonographers specialise exclusively in ultrasounds relating to vascular conditions.

For better diagnosis and to aid in the management of your condition, you have been referred to Sydney Vascular Ultrasound by your GP or by Dr Freeman.

What can an ultrasound detect and how does it assist in the treatment of conditions?
  • Monitor the flow of blood to organs and tissues
  • Identify and locate any blockages and other abnormalities such as plaque and allow the Vascular Surgeon to plan an effective treatment method
  • Detect DVT (deep vein thrombosis or blood clots)
  • Help the Vascular Surgeon determine whether a patient is suited for interventional procedures
  • Check on the success of procedures that have involved the graft or bypass of blood vessels
  • Determine the presence of an enlarged artery (aneurysm)
  • Evaluate varicose veins
Images from Doppler ultrasound assist the Vascular Surgeon in evaluating:
  • Any blockages to blood flow (such as clots)
  • Narrowing of blood vessels
  • Identification of tumours and other congenital vascular conditions
  • A reduced or missing blood flow to organs
  • Increase blood flow which can indicate infection
Investigations performed by Sydney Vascular Ultrasound:
  • Carotid and Vertebral Duplex
  • Aneurysm Including Aortic
  • Ankle Brachial Index (ABI)
  • Peripheral Arterial Studies
  • Deep Vein Thornbosis
  • Venous Insufficiency Studies
  • Pelvic and Ovarian Venous Studies
  • Mesenteric and Renal Duplex
  • Testicular Vein Reflux for Varlococele
  • Arteriovenous Fistula for Dialysis
  • Thoratic Outlet Studies

Are there other tests required for vascular disease?

Ultrasound remains the best method for initial investigation of patients with suspected vascular disease. However, in some instances more detailed studies may be required such as angiography or a CT scan to enable the Vascular Specialist to plan required treatment. If further testing is deemed required, Dr Freeman will provide advice.

Is there any special preparation required for vascular ultrasound?

There is little special preparation required for an ultrasound unless it is being performed around the abdomen (stomach) as gas in the bowel may interfere, in this instance you will be asked to fast after midnight prior to your abdominal scan which we will usually schedule in the morning. You can still have unlimited water and take any prescribed medications during this time.

If your ultrasound is to test for varicose veins do not wear compression stockings for 24 hours prior. You will also be asked not to apply moisturisers on the day of the ultrasound and if you have ulcers all bandages will need to be removed prior to attending and replaced with a clean simple dressing.

It is ideal to remove all jewellery and wear comfortable loose-fitting clothes. In some instances, you might be requested to wear a gown during the procedure to allow the sonographer to gain access to the area.

How long will it take?

A typical vascular ultrasound examination is usually performed within 30- 45 minutes, but if the examination is more complex it may take longer.

Why Sydney Vascular Ultrasound?

Our team of specialist sonographers work together with Dr Anthony Freeman, a Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon who deals exclusively with the diagnosis, treatment and management of conditions affecting the arteries and veins. Ultrasonography is an integral part of correct diagnosis, treatment and management for common health conditions such as spider and varicose veins and serious life-threatening conditions such as aneurysms. Specialised vascular ultrasound helps to ensure better outcomes.

For General Practitioners

You can refer your patient directly to Sydney Vascular Ultrasound for investigations. Please contact our team for referral pads or download a form here.

To arrange for an appointment, please contact our team on 02 9793 9175 to book your ultrasound.

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